Course Description:

Shipboard Welding Course is designed to train and upgrade the knowledge and skill of welder, fitter, engine personnel or deck ratings in welding technology that applies on the maintenance on shipboard operation. Trainees in this course will undergo on hands-on training that enhance their knowledge and skill as welding operator in accordance with the industry standards. 

It covers core competency such as Weld Carbon steel Plates using SMAW, which they can perform more practice in fillet and groove welding in all position.  The apply safety practices, use of hand tools, prepare weld materials, setup welding equipment, fit up weld materials and repair welds are also included as a common competencies. In addition, they just not learn in electric arc welding, they also learn the process of Oxygen-acetylene welding, cutting and brazing.

Course Outline: 

    • Introduction to Welding Technology
    • Safety in Gas and Electric Welding
    • Kinds of Joints Symbols and its Application
    • Basic Metallurgy
    • Electrodes
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding process
    • Making a Quality Welds / Causes and Remedy of Common Welding Defects
    • Oxygen-Acetylene Welding
    • Brazing and Braze Welding
    • Oxyacetylene Cutting

Candidates: Open for all engine personnel and deck ratings, with no minimum numbers of                       participants and with a maximum number of (20) participants.

Course Duration: 1 Week

Courses Inclusion:

    • Handouts / Training Materials
    • Souvenir Item and Snacks
    • Training Certificates with Digital Picture
    • Uniform Polo-Shirt
    • Free use of Boiler Suit and Gloves