Course Description:

This course on shipboard engine operation for junior officers cover the comprehensive competencies required or expected from engine personnel working on board commercial vessels serving the international trade. The modules enumerated below shall be given appropriate time allocation both for lecture or theoretical preparation and for practical application of the competencies.

The specific shipboard operational activities identified in this course shall prepare the trainees to perform and deliver the necessary skills and competencies needed for safe operation of vessel and for the protection of marine environment as well. The modules will touch on ship’s maintenance and operational knowledge such as the Classification of Engine, Overhauling and Calibration of Fuel Injector Valve and Fuel Injection Pumps, Repair and Maintenance of Auxiliary Machineries like Fuel Oil Purifier, Pumps (gear and centrifugal), Reciprocating Air Compressor, Valves Globe, Gate, Butterfly, Non-return and Return Valves), Troubleshooting and maintenance of Electric Motors, reading of Schematic Diagram and the Operating Principles and Maintenance of Refrigerating Machines.

Course Outline: 

    • Engine Classification
    • Fuel Injection System
    • Gauges and Measuring Instruments
    • Electric and Schematic Diagram
    • Repair and Maintenance of Auxillary Machineries and General Dismantling and Assembling Procedures
    • Refrigeration

Candidates: Open for OIC(4E, 3E). with no minimum numbers of participants and with a                       maximum numbers is (10).

Course Duration: 1 Week

Courses Inclusion:

    • Handouts / Training Materials
    • Souvenir Item and Snacks
    • Training Certificates with Digital Picture
    • Uniform Polo-Shirt
    • Free use of Boiler Suit and Gloves