Course Description:

This course covers the comprehensive competencies needed by the Chief Cooks, Chief Steward and other personnel on galley who works on board in commercial vessels serving the international trade. The Instructions cover all aspect of effective catering management using garret system, with focus on cost control, utilization of victual, accounting and inventorying, ordering and hands-on practice in MS Excel with regards to garret system in catering management. Topics shall be given appropriate time allocation both for lecture or theoretical preparation and for practical application of the competencies.

Course Outline: 

    • Manual Victualing
    • Guidelines and Instructions on Catering Management as Operated by Garrets
    • Excel Speadsheet

Candidates: Open for messman, 2nd cook, chief cook, chief steward. with a minimum numbers of                      (5) participants and with a maximum numbers of (10) participants.

Course Duration: 2 Days (12 hours)

Courses Inclusion:

    • Handouts / Training Materials
    • Souvenir Item and Snacks
    • Training Certificates with Digital Picture
    • Uniform Polo-Shirt