Course Description:

This course is designed to provide basic knowledge and competency for the Seafarer's Wives or dependents in food preparation, cooking and the Food Industry and Business. The modules enumerated below shall be given appropriate time allocation both for lecture or theoretical preparation and for practical application of the competencies.

The course modules will touch on the fundamentals of cooking and baking, techniques and handling provisions, familiarization in every aspectof the culinary industry that may help them in their daily routines. It will also deal with the proper hygiene and sanitation/HACCP while working in the kitchen, which is a FDA system, recognized worldwide. In addition to that, the course includes Menu Planning and Proper Food Costing if they intend to venture into food business such as catering, commissary, canteen and etc.

Course Outline: 

    • Introduction to Cooking / Culinary Industry
    • Proper Hygiene and Sanitation (HACCP)
    • Kitchen Tools and Equipment
    • Cooking Methods
    • Parts, Fabrication, Cuts of Meat and Vegetables
    • Basic Stocks and Sauces
    • International & Asian Cuisines, Food for Business
    • Basic Baking
    • Menu Planning and Food Costing

Candidates: Open for messman, 2nd cook, chief cook, chief steward. with a minimum numbers of                      (5) participants and with a maximum numbers of (15) participants.

Course Duration: 1 Week / 2 Weeks

Courses Inclusion:

    • Handouts / Training Materials
    • Souvenir Item and meal
    • Training Certificates with Digital Picture
    • Uniform Polo-Shirt
    • Apron