Course Description:

This course is designed to upgrade and broaden the culinary knowledge and skills of Chief Cook, Chief Steward, 2nd Cook and Messman potential for promotion with European and Asian Cuisine. European Cuisine or also known as “Western Cuisine” is considered as the HEART and SOUL of Culinary. All the fundamentals and basic of culinary came from this cuisine, even the cooking methods and techniques.

Their dishes are classified as rich, delicate, saucy and have emphasis on presentation. On the other hand, Asian Cuisines are known for its “Savory”, colorful, healthy, fast way of cooking the dish and “Lauriat” style of food presentation. Their diverse flavor varies upon all the Asian countries through their roots and cultures mainly Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asia countries. The course modules will touch on the fundamentals of cooking and baking, familiarization of cooking equipments and commonly used ingredients in food preparation guided by HACCP/ proper hygiene and sanitation while working in the galley.

It will also tackle techniques of menu planning, proper handling of provisions and food costing (Victualing). In addition to that, the course includes a brief culinary classification of European and Asian Cuisine; commonly used ingredients, its traditional and specialty dishes and culture. The modules enumerated below shall be given appropriate time allocation both for lecture or theoretical preparation in a compiled handbook and for practical application of the competencies guided by recipes are demonstrated in the galley.

Course Outline: 

    • Introduction to Steward Department
    • Proper Hygiene and Sanitation (HACCP)
    • Brief Culinary History
    • Kitchen Tools and Equipment, Knife Skills
    • Cooking Methods
    • Stocks, Sauces and its Derivatives
    • Menu Planning
    • Familiarization on the Commonly Used Ingredients in Food Preparation
    • Victualing & Provision Handling
    • Basic Baking

Candidates: Open for messman, 2nd cook, chief cook, chief steward. with a minimum numbers of                      (5) participants and with a maximum numbers of (15) participants.

Course Duration: 1 Week / 2 Weeks

Courses Inclusion:

    • Handouts / Training Materials
    • Souvenir Item and meal
    • Training Certificates with Digital Picture
    • Uniform Polo-Shirt
    • Apron